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Wireless Internet Services
$36.95 and up

Full Speed 2 Megabit: $36.95
High Speed 3 Megabit: $48.95
(Not available in all areas)

Business: $36.95 to $79.95
(based on usage/business size)

All plans feature unlimited data transfer!

Basic Installation: $100
Difficult/Business Installation: $150

Equipment: $150
(Some areas require upgraded equipment at additional cost)

Often some installations require the use of additional materials, such as rooftop tripods and masts.
Tripod: $40
Masts: $20
Satellite Arm: $20

Seasonal Disconnects are of course permitted
$5 a month allowing you to keep your email address active.
Otherwise seasonal disconnects are free!

We also carry wireless routers (optional)
Needed if you have multiple devices or wireless devices in your home
Installed and configured with security - $59.95

Dedicated wireless links are also available for larger businesses, pricing is quoted based on individual needs.

All prices above subject to HST

DSL Internet Services

Monthly service 6 Megabit 300GB data: $36.95
Activation Fee: $60.00
(providing you have an active phone line, if you do not, a dry-loop fee applies, varies by area. Between $6.00 and $24.00/month)
Modem and filters are not included, you can supply your own DSL modem or we have them starting at $50.00/modem and $6.00/filter plus HST. You need a filter for each phone you have, or if an on-site installation is performed, we can install the filter at the point of entry for you.

(this service is an "up-to" 6 megabit speed, line conditions and distance from the Bell Canada switching center affect maximum attainable speed)
No seasonal disconnect option for DSL Services

All prices above subject to HST

Home Phone/VoIP Service

Unlimited Canada/USA Calling: $25.99
Call Display (Number Only)
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
..and many more.!

Equipment: $79.99
On-Site installation
Optional $30 to activate all jacks in your home if additional wiring is required
Number transfer fee: $25 one-time cost if you want to keep your existing number
(Not all areas can have their number transferred)

This service is not avaiable in all areas.
Please call for more details

All prices above subject to HST

Web Hosting

Starting at $9.99 per month including most domain names.




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We have launched a new Facebook page for our community members. Please check it out and Like at Thanks!

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There was so much demand for service in Canfield we are expanding our service directly to the town! No more large towers required! Service expected in a few weeks to a month.

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We recently turned up a new access node between Sweets Corners and South Cayuga serving areas along Rainham Road. Please call to find out if you qualify for service here!


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If you are inquiring about a new service, please leave your full address as well so we can attempt to qualify it.

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